Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Think about your current partner or a past partner.
Ask yourself the following questions:


Do you feel free from threats and physical violence, and do you feel safe expressing your opinions to your partner without him/her becoming angry or violent?


Are you able to socialize on your own, apart from your partner, without being scolded, yelled at, threatened, hit, or mistreated?


Does your partner respect your decisions about your body and sexual boundaries?


Do you feel like you and your partner have equal say in decisions about sexual boundaries, physical contact, and other decisions in your relationship?


Does your partner show pride in you and celebrate your achievements?


Can you talk about delicate or sensitive issues with your partner without being scolded, yelled at, threatened, hit, or mistreated?


Is your partner honest about his/her intentions, open to admitting when he/she is wrong, and trustworthy is his/her actions?

If you answered Yes to all of these questions, congratulations! Your relationship has many components of a healthy relationship.

Still, it is important to learn about the dynamics of unhealthy relationships. This can help you in the future and allow you to help friends and classmates today!

If you or a friend are interested in taking a dating violence assessment, Click here to download a PDF that you can print.